Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Headline News 2005-04-20

From ABC News:
U.S. Frees 17 Afghans, 1 Turk from Guantanamo Jail
Will keep bunks reserved for them when they are recaptured fighting against Americans next week

From CNN:
Food pyramid becomes 12 pyramids
USDA under investigation for running pyramid scheme

From CNN:
Talking dog, evil infant, mastermind
Bush holds cabinet meeting

From CNN:
Wandering whale heads back to Atlantic
Accompanied by gnome

From CNN:
Opera Web browser ups security
Opera to Microsoft: Up Yours

From CNN:
White House backs DeLay
... Into a corner

From KGTV:
Effort under way to recall mayor
Can't quite remember his name, think it's Murray or Murphy or something like that

From KGTV:
Police: Mom steals mail to help son
Wants him to grow up to be a thief

From KMBC:
Rabbi, man with swastika trade blows
Results are in: Man with swastika really blows

From CNN:
Taliban back on Afghan airwaves
'Air America' now available world-wide


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