Tuesday, April 12, 2005

WTW: Wedded Bliss

White Trash WednesdaysCharles and Camilla

The Family

More White Trash Wednesday

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  1. Oh, I luv it! Now who's purtier? me or that commiela?

  2. The word FUGLY comes immediately to mind.

  3. Oddybobo:
    Well, she's not a queen yet, and you are definitely queen of the trailer park.

    Frank L:
    Now who can argue with that?!

  4. WTW Round the Reader

    HA! The Ultimate Lazy Blogging Assignment!

    Today is supposed to be Chris Short's Round the Reader day, but I've been called up as a relief reader/blogger for today. Beulah Mae (BEULAH MAE!!!!) is suffering from burnout and can't think of a da...

  5. Basil has the family picture

    the family Photos. I'm just wondering who is muttering what under their breath. No rabbit ears or anything. Why these folks look almost civilized of course minus Camilla's Zulu inspired head dress.

  6. Alright, how in the world do I get in on the white trash thing? You gotta let me in, I'm from Mississippi and as you know, we are all white trash over here.

    Oh, I'm not offended, trust me.

  7. Well, since you meet all the requirements, we can check with the landlady and see if there's a spot in the trailer park.

  8. Oh, he can have this here spot next to my new Traylor, I like hiiim. . . *bats eyelashes in best bucktooth betty impersonation*


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