Monday, April 18, 2005

They Earned That One

Boy, did it feel good to get a win tonight. The Catfish, after losing three in a row to Rome, bounced back to take a 4-0 win from the River Dogs.

Going into the game, Charleston was the number two team in the division, a game behind Augusta. And the River Dogs had beaten Columbus in all three games in Charleston last week. So this win for the Catfish tonight felt very good. Very good, indeed.

Charleston has a different look this year. They are in their first year of affiliation with the Yankees. And the Yankees haven't had a team in the South Atlantic League since 2002. In fact, the only Yankee minor leaguer we've had a chance to see since then is pitcher Brandon Weeden, and that's because the Dodgers got him as part of the Kevin Brown trade. Weeden pitched for the Catfish last year too, and was opening day starter this year.

During the game, I managed to capture one of our players, Luke May, knocking in a run in the 4th inning. It's 600 KB in size and not great quality video. In fact, it almost looks like Fox News during the invasion of Iraq. Still, it's exciting for me to see them in action.

And, after the game, it was great to see smiles on the faces of Luke, Dan, and the other players. They earned this one. They've earned more wins than they have. But they did get the 'W' tonight.

I'm happy for them.



    the video wasn't too bad, i could definitly see the hit (nice caption job!).

    i wish i had a minor-league team close to me. the closest is Fresno, and that's farther than i have to drive to see the Giants play.

    i guess i'll have to get my minor-league fix here. not a bad thing, since i come here for the funny anyway.

    a new Catfish fan,

  2. I wonder how Evil Glenn would write your post:

    "The Catfish won.4-0. Heh. Against the River dogs. Indeed."

  3. Two Dogs:
    Thanks! Oh, and I see the Mississippi Braves are off to a similar start as the Catfish. Season's early. Braves farm system is one of the best.

    Thanks. And, as big as California is, you'd think they'd be able to stick a few more teams out there. But they've crowded them all into a small area. That makes it difficult for folks in your area. We're pretty lucky in this area. Catfish local, plus Georgia's got the Braves (Atlanta) along with teams spread across the state in Rome, Augusta, and Savannah. And Alabama's got teams scattered in Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, and Huntsville. And Chattanooga's just across the Georgia/Tennessee line.

    You've captured it perfectly.

  4. maybe the gas for the team buses is too expensive out here. lot of territory to drive across to get to the next game..


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