Sunday, April 24, 2005

Thanks basil

basil said he 'spects traffic to start dropping of since he's blogging about baseball.  I started to reply in the comments, but since I've got the keys to his place for at least a little while longer I figured I'd post about it.

I can't really see traffic at basil's doing anything other than increasing as time goes by, matter of fact I'd be willing to bet somebody this shiny quarter I've got in my pocket that it does nothing but increase.  There are several reasons I feel will keep people keep coming back, I'll only get into a couple of them.  One reason, most of the posts are well written, I say most of them because I have a couple of posts here that may be stinkin' the joint up (sorry 'bout that ya'll, but you do the best you can with what you've got).

Another is people can relate to what he's writing about, especially with baseball.  My local team is the Kinston Indians, when their schedule doesn't conflict with my sister-in-law's softball schedule we try to attend their games.  It's professional baseball in its most pure form.  You don't have the superstars that demand the spotlight, the fans don't ruin the atmosphere and it's still affordable, all in all it's and enjoyable way to spend a weekend afternoon.  With the enthusiasm basil displays for the Catfish it'd be hard not to vicariously pull for the Catfish.

Then there are those of us that stop by to for the meals.  Breakfast / Lunch / Supper and the occasional snack provide us with links to blogs we may not otherwise read.  I can say with some certainty that on a daily basis I find a post I would have probably missed were it not for basil's suggestion.  I've also found several of my daily reads from meal time post, blogs that I probably wouldn't have otherwise found.  Then there are the readers that found my blog through the links basil offered.

Thanks basil for the inviting each of us in to share the passion you display for the Catfish, bringing back memories of games we've attended or played in, keeping us entertained with the Alliance's various assignments and keeping us well fed while we're reading along.

If you've got something to add leave it in the comments, that way maybe the Mrs. basil won't take basil away for an entire weekend again; Its way to much pressure trying to find something to satisfy all the finicky eaters out there.

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  1. There is nothing like the thrill of minor league baseball. I thoroughly enjoy basil's passion for the game.

    Plus, his posts are damn funny.

    Thanks for the links guys.


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