Friday, April 22, 2005

While basil's away the goldfish will play

As basil said earlier he and Mrs. basil have run away for the weekend. I tried to get them to take me, but they said there just wasn't room.  I don't take up much space; but basil said somebody had to stay back and guard the fort.

So that's what I'm gonna do.  I'll be standing guard making sure nobody tries to sneak in an throw a wild party.  He warned me that The Sisters(Big, Little and Mean) were party animals; but I assured him it wouldn't happen on my watch.

I bet now you're wondering just what I'd do if somebody decided to have a wild fandango with midgets strippers and a bath tub full of Mad Dog 20/20.  Well there's a little known fact about goldfish.  Goldfish, besides being extremely intelligent and sexy, make excellent "guard dogs".  Didn't know that did you. 

Well that's where another little known fact about goldfish comes in handy:  We have teeth. 

See, I brushed them just for you.

Now be sure to behave yourself so I don't have to take a chunk out of your behind.  If you're planning on misbehaving like leaving comment or track back spam.  Don't even think about.  basil's blog is protected by a rabid goldfish.  So go ahead, just back away slowly, we'll act like nothing ever happened and close the door behind you when you leave.

Just don't turn out the light, I'm scared of the dark.

1 comment:

  1. Hey, phin! I just found you guarding basil's site! Many thanks for helping him out...
    Oh, I am backing away very slowly....


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