Saturday, April 9, 2005

Headline News: 4/8/2005

From ABC News:
Earth's Oldest Known Object on Display
It's called 'The Moon' and is visible most nights

From ABC News:
Home of Woman in Finger Claim Searched
No other fingers found, only an ear in a Whopper, a toe in a Big Mac, and what detectives believe is a tongue in a Taco Belle Grande

From ABC News:
No Gun Found at Minnesota High School
In response, bill introduced in legislature to issue guns to students

From ABC News:
Prince Charles Finally to Wed True Love
Wedding to Camilla called off, marriage to Michael Fawcett to proceed

From ABC News:
ChevronTexaco Awards Nigeria Plant
Should produce enough strawberries for a family of four

From ABC News:
Experts: Fossil Apparently Human Ancestor
DNA confirms: It's Dick Clark

From AJC:
Columbus man shot with police bean bag dies
Idiots not as sturdy as they used to be

From AJC:
Elton John compares Eminem to Hendrix
Expects him to choke on his own vomit, too

From CNN:
Google chiefs agree to work for $1
In that case, come mow my lawn

From BBC:
Galactic pancake mystery solved
Death of Omicron Persei VIII's most famous breakfast cook ruled a suicide


  1. Wendy Finger

    Do you believe the lady who found a finger in a bowl of chilli at Wendy??

  2. oh, I think that hippies backfiring on me.


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