Monday, April 11, 2005

Headline News: 4/11/2005

From ABC News:
Drew Barrymore Scores in 'Fever Pitch'
Girl gets her some!

From ABC News:
Disputes Delay Naming of Lebanese Cabinet
Opponents say majority leader just trying to divert attention from ethics questions

From ABC News:
Study: Obese Shoppers Face Discrimination
Cross burnings, lynchings, beatings rampant; FBI to become involved

From ABC News:
Wis. Sen. Russ Feingold Getting Divorced
McCain to get house, car, kids

From CNN:
Purdue wins engineering contest
Governor get scholarship to Georgia Tech

From CNN:
Exhibit turns lens on Helmut Newton
Still not as popular as Fig Newton

From CNN:
Singer licked boy's head, former publicist testifies
Also nursed child, carried him in his pouch

From CNN:
Earth's 'oldest thing ever' gets viewing
Dick Clark holds press conference

From CNN:
NAACP criticizes Bush Social Security plan
Julian Bond calls President's attempt to use GOP's hold on 9% of Blacks "completely unfair"

From CNN:
Man in black detained at U.S. Capitol
Johnny Cash's corpse released after questioning

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