Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Breakfast 2005-04-26

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. Look at me, I'm back to shop! LOL
    Did you realize you're approaching Playful Primate level in the TTLB?

    Hey, everyone else: Link to basil, make him a Smirking Chimp.

    I guess I should write something worth a shi'ite today to link to the Covered Dish special, huh? ;-)

  2. Ah, I don't think anyone has to fear me making that jump. I'm not qualified to be in the same classification as #98 "protein wisdom," #96 "used to be LeftyDestroyer but is now a 404 page and still in the top 100," #88 "Common Sense Runs Wild," #69 "Free Republic," #66 "Llama Butchers," #65 "The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler," just to name a few, and certainly not #61, whose name escapes me. Oh, yeah, that crazy woman from Alabama. Her. You know who I'm talking about.

    I'm not in the same league as those blogs. Not even the 404 page.

  3. Laura Ingraham has breast cancer

    I just read at Michelle Malkin's that Laura Ingraham has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

    From Laura's website:

    You know I hate Drama Kings or Queens, but I am asking for your prayers today and for the forseeable future. On Friday afternoon, I ...

  4. d00d, you are so wrong about that! And honestly, I have no idea how that crazy woman from Alabama is up there. Seriously. Just do me a favor and don't compare my "pathetic" traffic stats with the rest of them. ;-)

  5. Ah, "pathetic." Is Paul back at Wizbang full-time? I need to go find out how pathetic I am.

  6. Around the Blogosphere

    Senate Compromise? Captain's Quarters, Michelle Malkin, Blogs for Bush, Ace of Spades, The Narrow, insignificant thoughts Religion and Judicial Appointments...

  7. Thanks for the linkey love, Basil!


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