Thursday, April 21, 2005

Headline News 2005-04-21

From BBC:
UN body fails to condemn Sudan
Voinovich, Biden: "That's the kind of ambivalence and indecision we seek in a U.N. Ambassador, not someone like Bolton"

From KPRC:
Zoo euthanizes baby elephant
PETA & ACLU silent, thought Baby Bella news reports were about a human

From ABC News:
Long-Awaited Lincoln Museum Opens in Ill.
Was delayed by the work to open the libraries of more important presidents

From ABC News:
Officials Investigate Buttocks Shooting
Police: Man was being an ass

From ABC News:
L.A. Attorney Moonlights As a Porn Star
What really happened to Johnnie Cochran

From ABC News:
Zoo Keeps Gorillas Kosher for Passover
Our Jewish friends can now also enjoyed the taste of fresh-cooked gorilla for the holidays

From ABC News:
Jurors to Decide Accused Sergeant's Fate
Juries do that, you know

From ABC News:
Man Spits in Jane Fonda's Face at Book Signing
Shows support for troops by spitting in 67-year-old woman's face and running away like a little girl

From ABC News:
Cuckoos May Be Dim, But They Are Strategic
Inside the Democratic Party

From ABC News:
Expert: Apes May Be Key to Human Nature
Inside the Republican Party


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