Sunday, April 10, 2005

Up All Night II

No, I won't be up all night a second night. But following up yesterday morning's post, the day, like the man turned into a newt, got better.

While we were eating, we left the computer utilities running. That continued until checkout, then we went back to Princess's apartment, and continued the utilities. Before we left for the ballgame (the original reason for the visit) it looked like things were going very well. After we got back, we confirmed that, indeed, it looks like her laptop is running properly again.

As best as I can tell, it appeared that Norton AntiVirus was running, but Windows Security Center (she has XP SP2) indicated AntiVirus was off. So, I installed AVG. It found nearly two dozen viruses.

I had previously mentioned Webroot Spy Sweeper. Had issues with it insofar as it wouldn't allow me to update to the current version because it launches a browser to do that, and something (one of those several browser hijack modules it kept finding, even after deleting?) kept it from happening. So, I installed the version I have on my laptop. Yes, technically a violation of the TOS, but I paid for two versions and was running two versions, so there.

Anyway, that fixed the spyware and AVG fixed the viruses. Also, it was the Norton firewall that kept her computer from getting on the Internet on the apartment's wireless network. Turning Norton's firewall off did the trick. Yes, I turned on the Windows firewall on; I won't run a computer without a firewall -- and you shouldn't either. Don't argue with me. Just run a firewall. Don't ask me why. I'll just get frustrated, you'll get frustrated, and when we're done, you'll run a firewall. Or you'll ask someone else for help. And they'll want to know why you're not running a firewall.

Anyhow, Princess's laptop is working. Or it was when we left Athens.

Her desktop computer is another thing. Once it appeared the laptop was probably fixed, and we spent the last few hours re-running the utilities to make sure it found no problems. Yes, that's the correct way to do it. Don't argue with me. That's the correct way.

So, like I was saying, her desktop had some issues. Expired McAfee security items. So it was exposed. And infected. We began running the stuff, but ran out of time. So, I took her desktop with me and will be working on it. That gives me an excuse to head back to Athens and see her again. Any excuse will do. But, for now, I've got to get her desktop working. And I'll be busy with that for some time. But not tonight.

I'm going to bed.

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