Sunday, April 10, 2005

Up All Night

This will be an off day. It's already an off day.

The wife and I are in Athens (Georgia, not Greece, silly) visiting the little princess. Today is the Daddy-Daughter game her sorority is hosting, and we're here for that. After arriving yesterday, visiting for a bit, then heading to an early supper, Princess mentioned her computer was having some issues. So, I dove right in.

I've encountered computers with more issues, with hundreds of instances of viruses and thousands of instances of spyware. Fortunately, Princess's computer isn't like that. But, it does have viruses and it does have spyware. And it's got some NASTY viruses and spyware. I've been up all night working on it.

I installed Webroot Spy Sweeper (rode up to Best Buy and picked up a copy there), but couldn't get an update because it wasn't letting her on her network she shares with her roommates. Anyway, I took it back to the hotel and hooked it in there. Finally got online but still can't run an update because on a browser hijack. So, I've been trying every trick I can think of, but it's still having issues.

Like I said, been up all night working on that. Don't know how much longer I'll be doing that. Going to break for breakfast now and will back on this problem then. I may have to take it back with me and work on it until it's done, then figure out how to get it back to her. She uses it for school

Anyway, it's going to be one of those days.


  1. Man, I hate it when that happens. I had a stepson who would get every virus and piece of spyware imaginable on his computer. It would end up strangling my entire LAN. It took me two days to clean up all of our computers once. I haven't seen the kid since I split up with his mom. I can only imagine what his poor machine is like right now!

  2. I get home to Joisey 2x a year, and spend about 2 hours every time taking care of Mom's pc. Defrag, optimize, clean, spyware, dust it inside. Then she goes "wow, it is so much faster." So do this and this and this, Mom. Never happens.

  3. I take a pretty laizez faire attitude to the whole thing. I allow the virii and spyware to build up in the hope that one day they'll fight each other to the death. Hasn't worked yet, but I'm still crossing my fingers.

    Teach, do you actually open the tower and dust? If so, how much of a performance hike do you get without the dust/fluff/hamburger grease (I told her not to grill over the PC, but does she listen? Kids!)?

  4. makes helping someone with a little html problem seem like a piece of cake, doesn't it?

    i was recently talking to a local computer guy who told me that Pest Patrol was a lot better than Spy Sweeper. you know a lot more about this stuff than i do, but if the info helps, glad to pass it on.

    sortapundit: the virii and spyware just join forces to defeat you. the hamburger grease actually helps them in their efforts. you have to open the case to dust inside....:)

  5. oh yeah... i found out today that i had mydoom L or something like that... i trusted too much in Norton's intrusion detection feature, and was slacking a little in my regular virus scans. Norton took care of it once i actually scanned...
    won't make that mistake again.

  6. Not so much performance, as making it run cooler. All that dust messes with the fan. Plus, it annoys me.


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