Friday, April 15, 2005

Some Days Are Diamonds …

CatfishI'm talking baseball. And after a great come-from-behind-in-extra-innings game Thursday, things took an ugly turn Friday. Actually, the entire game wasn't ugly. Just one inning. But it was ugly. Fugly, even.

Take away the fourth inning, which saw Rome put nine runs on the board. The fact they did that with just five runs and no errors shows how bad things were. And those nine runs did in my beloved Catfish. Take away that one bad inning, and you have 8 great innings of defensive baseball with some absolute gems in the infield. One error in the third inning spoiled an otherwise flawless defensive effort. And, although a run scored on that error, it would have scored anyway, base on how the rest of the inning played out. So no real harm from that error.

But that fourth inning was a nightmare. And that's how things go sometimes. Not just in baseball, but in real life.

The good news: 88% of the game looked great. The crowd was treated to another home run by the local team. And despite the 10-2 score, it only counted as one loss. Saturday, the score's 0-0.

If only life was like that all the time.


  1. Baseball Blog

    HAS BASIL'S BLOG TURNED INTO a baseball blog? Lots of baseball stories lately, including this morning. Plus a baseball entry in the

  2. Okay, you got me. I'm a Catfish fan now. My A-team will be the Catfish now.


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