Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Headline News: 4/19/2005

From CNN:
Top Democrat seeks to delay Bolton vote
With Bolton's confirmation certain, Sen. Joseph Biden wants to look silly for a while longer

From WRAL:
Golden Corral founder dies
In honor, Wendy's offers William Foster Carl chili on 99¢ menu

From KMGH:
Deputies: Shooting dogs legal on property
Especially if they are caught cheating at cards

From CNN:
Bodies of Kuwaitis unearthed in Iraq
Bush Blamed

From ABC News:
US Airways Glitch Leads to Cheap Tickets
Programmer inadvertently set prices to match value of service

From ABC News:
Sting Teaches Star-Struck Music Students
Steve Borden shows there is life after wrestling

From ABC News:
Man Seeks Library for 'Real' 1st President
Family of John Hanson ready to kick his ass

From ABC News:
Police in Ariz. Seek Monkey for SWAT Team
State is currently last in nation in screaming, feces-throwing SWAT Teams

From ABC News:
Motorist Injured by Flying Frozen Sausage
At least, that's the story he told his wife

From ABC News:
Man Sets Record With 157 Squibs on Body
Also listed in Guinness as "Man With Most Free Time"


  1. Hey, basil. Just letting you know I am still around, reading, and enjoying. Been on the road and am in the process of finishing root canal. Such fun....


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