Monday, April 11, 2005

What's His Name

Windsor_visitsCharles Philip Arthur George Mountbatten-Windsor. That's his full name. We went into more detail back in February, and you can read that here, if you like.

Lots and lots of people have come here in the last day or so looking up the last name of Charles, Prince of Wales. And they've found that it's Mountbatten-Windsor. Now they can sleep at night. Or win a bet.

What I'm wondering is, how in the world did this little blog get to be a reference for that bit of information? I'm also wondering if, because "basil" sounds so British to some people, they think I'm some expert that eats spotted dick or something? Boy, if they ever met me and heard me talk, they'd back away slowly.

Which many people do anyway.


  1. The Mean Sister (who is 5'6")April 11, 2005 at 1:16 PM

    Back away slowly--not me--run away screaming and protecting my young--absolutely...:)

  2. One question: WTF is "spotted dick" and why would anyone eat something named as such???

  3. Spotted Dick: Is a British concoction, a steamed, log-shaped suet pudding studded with currants, hence the "spotted." Sausage with currants, no wonder the crumpet munchers teeth are all falling out.

    I'm still not sure why anyone would eat it. By the way Heinz has a canned version that Sortapundit could ship to anyone with a desire to try it I'm sure.

  4. i've seen a microwave version in my local supermarket...or micro-bake, as they say in sortapunditland.
    they have lots of funny names for food over "toad in the hole", "crumpet", and "clotted cream"...just to name a few

  5. I imagine some of the stuff we eat sounds unusual to them, like ... uh ... um ... hmmm.

    Thought for sure Sortapundit would have have jumped in by now.


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