Sunday, July 17, 2005

Brunch: 7/17/2005

Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch:

  • Sissy has some stories to tell

  • Kathy still has information on a great cause

  • Sadie is beating things into submission again.

  • Mustang23 has self service information

  • Firepower 5 talks about a long ride home

  • Michelle Malkin finds the funniest sentence in the NY Times.

  • mohawk is showing them who the boss is


  1. Or Phin rather. Dang, still haven't caught up on my sleep!! Is there such thing as Sleepblogging?

  2. War on English Soil

    And for Lord's sake, what ever you do, don't shoot the terrorists! They might shoot back. If they shoot first, well, just duck, and then blame Tony Blair. As for that stool pidgin "terrorist in US custody" - now that he has squealed, release him.

  3. Sissy it isn't really your fault. 'tis part of basil's master plan to wreck havoc and creation confusion though the blogosphere while he's away.

  4. Sticks and stones...

    Listen up, all you snot-nosed boys out there. This is what I'm teaching my girls to do when they feel threatened. No little girl deserves to feel threatened in America, I don't care what language she speaks.

  5. scripture in the jury room

    What belongs in the jury room? If a jury of my peers represents a fair cross-section of society, then the means by which that jury comes to a decision will represent the a variety of cultural backgrounds, mores and experiences...

  6. The SCOTUS Code

    In his weekly radio address yesterday [transcript] President Bush made several interesting statements regarding his coming nomination of a replacement for retiring Supreme Court justice O’Conner. Most reports focus on the hints he dropped regard...

  7. phin:
    I looked at the blogosphere recently. Mission accomplished.


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