Sunday, July 31, 2005

Headline News: 7/31/2005

[Warning: Harry Potter spoiler on last item]

From CNN:
Genetic flaw leaves felines without sweet tooth
Origin of "Sour Puss" explained

From CNN:
Report: Mobile sales head for 1billion
Beth visits Colonial Mall

From CNN:
'Matty the Horse' among 20 indicted
Mr. Ed is an unindicted co-conspirator

From WKMG:
Rip-current rescues top 2,000
Lifeguard thanks really stupid swimmers for allowing record to be set

From KOAT:
Governor targets child obesity
Fat asses should make an easy target

From CNN:
Cardinal: Chavez needs 'exorcism'
Chavez: Fat Cardinal needs exercise

From CNN:
Zimbabwe: Land is for blacks only
U.N. yet to criticize "Apartheid 2005"

From AJC:
Boy who vanished at Yankees game is found
Was traded to Dodgers

Democrat warns against Bolton appointment
Threaten to pout, hold breath until they turn blue

Chinese pirates rewrite, hawk Harry Potter
Albus Dumbledore lives, Severus Snape elected President of the United States


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    MoeBetta Headlines 07/31/05

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