Friday, July 29, 2005

Headline News: 7/29/2005

From ABC News:
Dove Ads With 'Real' Women Get Attention
RuPaul, The Lady Chablis lose modeling jobs

From ABC News:
Man Allegedly Steals Hundreds of Undies
Glen Quagmire arrested

From ABC News:
Museum to Let Naked People in Free
Curator: "How could I charge them admission? Think about where they keep their wallets."

From ABC News:
Miami Newspaper Case Sparks Ethics Debate
Publisher: Should newspapers have ethics?

From ABC News:
'Ex-Gay' Camps, Therapy Programs Attract Controversy
Being gay doesn't

From ABC News:
Chechen Guerrilla Leader Calls Russians 'Terrorists'
Calls cats 'dogs,' hot 'cold,' and black 'white'

From ABC News:
Arm Yourself With Vigilance While Traveling
If that doesn't work, try a 9mm

From ABC News:
Jellyfish Gone With the Wind in Calif.
Flordia sharks to star in Casablanca

From ABC News:
31 Die in China From Pig-Borne Disease
Michael Moore movie debuts in Beijing

From Washington Post:
North Korea Getting High Marks From US
Bush: "Kim Jong Il must be high if he thinks I'll give in"


  1. Friday

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  2. Friday Night Linky Love Fest

    I've done a bit of reading tonight, but I've not come up with anything to write about! A bit of linky love is way overdue, so what better time to do it when I have writer's block, huh! Jane Asks

  3. It is clear - North Korea is delusional. Apparently, it has dreams of taking the place of the Soviet Union simply by opposing the West. The delusion is manifest in their imagination of themselves to be of any significant importance in the world (economically, politically or culturally), as the Soviet Union certainly was.

  4. Plus, with a leader from Planet Xiron ...


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