Monday, July 18, 2005

Supper: 07182005

Yeah, so Supper is a bit late.  Sue me / us.
Oh yeah, and on account of "I am lazy" these are all funny :

* OOTS : #104 ... but Roy, bone IS a verb ...
* Rove : Found guilty, ~2019 ... "Her Royal Majesty Hillary I had outlawed republicans"
* Tank Top strained to breaking point ... and not in the good way!
* Cali : Dental Marijuana?  Maybe not.  
* 50 fun things about Connecticut  
* Rockstar:INXS : The (cough) episode you won't see on TV ... "I accessorize with a feather boa and a hat"
* Online Dating : A bunch of lies ... noone is attractive, athletic, intelligent and sensitive
* Shirtless, Shoeless demand equal rights  
* W responds to Hillary ... oh yeah, well you are Lucy, Sabrina
* Oh, dear God no! : Check out this pole dancer ... NSFW? ... found via Beth  
* NHL : Signs Danica Patrick, Michelle Wie ... neither to be naked
* GITMO : Terrorists out, Reporters in  
* Wireless TV  
* SCOTUS : W limits search to conjoined twins  
* A week of Celebrities ... plus captions
* Latest swim wear revealed to local (cough) "Master Debater"  
* UF : OS/2, and the NHL  
* ALP : Awkward blind date ... (Fan-Art)
* IM PrankBot!  
* Fighting a war on two fronts : Terrorism on one, Gay Marriage on the other  
* Islamofascism : G8 ponders al Qaida alternative ... the end of civilization
* DY found a funny headline! ... Depp, Chocolate factory, tasty opening ... do the math!

Sorry if supper is a little "lite" - you probably need to lose weight anyway!    /TJ

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  1. oooooh, I'm gonna have FUN with that IM prankbot!! heeeheeeee


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