Thursday, July 14, 2005

Headline News: 7/14/2005

From CNN:
Schools try to attract more male teachers
Too many female teachers seducing little boys, educators want little girls to get equal attention

From CNN:
Man gets prison term for killing walruses
Apologizes, thought it was John Bolton

From CNN:
Poll shows support for new female justice
Would mean something if justices were elected

From ABC News:
'Desperate Housewives' Gets 15 Emmy Nods
57 channels and nothing on

From ABC News:
Arctic Pollution Linked to Bird Droppings
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Bush Aims to Woo Blacks at Ind. Gathering
Condi was right: You never go back

From ABC News:
Man Again Drinks Holy Water at Ga. Church
The power of Christ compels him

From WRAL:
Arrest Made In Stolen Cello Case
Inch-High Private Eye always gets his man!

From ABC News:
Corpse Falls Into Traffic in Texas
Police: Figured nothing like that cadaver happen here

From ABC News:
Woman Arrested After Giving Birth Drunk
Defends: Was drunk when she got pregnant, so ...


  1. "Would mean something if justices were elected."

    Brilliant! I literally laughed out loud on that one. So very true.

    Oh, and thanks for the link!

  2. Thanks!

    And it's a pleasure.

  3. "..nothing like that cadaver happen here."

    I'm now wiping the previous contents of my mouth off of my monitor.

  4. Thursday

    The Skwib: Blognate, and other lame words that we hope never become popular Basil's Blog: Headline News Scrappleface: Bush Sends Wilson on Rove Probe Mission Cox and Forkum: Art of Desecration...


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