Monday, July 25, 2005

Headline News: 7/25/2005

From KPRC:
Chase lands 5 behind bars
Citibank makes clean getaway

From CNN:
Clinton expresses regret in Rwanda
Shouldn't have lied to the U.S.

From CNN:
Franklin forms near Bahamas
Ghost of American Founding Father enjoys vacation

From CNN:
Scientists worried by riot control ray gun
Fear guns won't be as effective as photon torpedos

From CNN:
Michael Jackson to get seized property
Last property he siezed was a 12-year-old's penis

From ABC News:
Ex-Driver Tries to Sell NASCAR Fans on Wine
Will return to circuit driving the #52 Boone's Farm Chevrolet

From ABC News:
Blair Spent $3,130 on Makeup in Six Years
And $3,750 on bras and panties

From ABC News:
Life-Sized Statue of Betty Boop Beheaded
Life-sized Statue of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi claims credit

From ABC News:
LAPD Recruits Computer to Stop Rogue Cops
Contracts with Detroit's OCP Corporation *

From ABC News:
Pope Prays for God to Stop Terrorists
God to Pope: "Hey, I got absolutely nothing to do with those lunatics"


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