Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lunch: 7/19/05

Try one of these specials with your lunch:

  • Lawhawk is dealing with unreal estate issues.

  • Harvey, original version, has intelligent discourse regarding the bombing of Mecca.

  • Sadie isn't amused by Margaret Cho.

  • Christina is wondering about people.

  • Nickie Goomba found somebody else Rove outed.

  • Beth is hosting a dance or something or other.

  • Michelle Malkin has SCOTUS linkage (almost sounds contagious doesn't it???)

  • Bill makes us look sane (yes by us I mean all of my personalities).

  • LLamas don't like heat, who knew?

  • Eric is looking for care package advice.

  • Kelley is un-unemployed.

  • Stop the ACLU found that the ACLU & Greenpeace are being investigated.

  • Mr. Right discovered that Reynolds guy has the copyrights to the word Indeed.


  1. http://fistfuloffortnights.mu.nu/archives/003555.php

    Indeed. H/T: Heh.....

  2. All your title are belong to us

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's Kerry-180 Tuesday

  3. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, I'm blogging in my PJ's, happy birthday to me!...

  4. Prevent ultranationalists?

    Reports are coming in today of the 30th terrorist suicide bus bombing by Canadians in an American city this month....

  5. Al Gore's New Invention Called

    Soon, everyone will have one!

  6. Hey, been meaning to say; COOL NEW TEMPLATE dood! I likes it. Blog ON...

  7. Swede's View of European anti-Americanism

    As for the socialistic economies, well, Europeans in general are heavily regulated with few rights against the state so it's not just the economy. It's the overall attitude we have against politics, which I blame socialism for.

  8. Blogging Mixed with an Ebay Auction?

    In the last 10 years or so the internet world has seen several new phenomenons that have since become house hold terms or phrases. Online auctions and blogging are probably at the top of that list. Who had ever thought of a blog back in 1985? Or an onl...

  9. I was WONDERING where all that traffic was coming from.

    Thanks, Basil :-)

  10. If it weren't for Basil's link, I would not have visited you, Harvey or gotten trackbacks installed.

    PS: phin, I hope you'll drop by my humble blog once in a while.

  11. Blogathon 2005 - Update

    This information will remain at or near the top this week. I have also posted the first article looking at the charities I am considering. Read what I’ve found about the Freedom Alliance here.
    Blogathon 2005 begins at 09:00:00...

  12. The Plate and the Bruise: Body Armor Works

    First let me say thank you for saving my life!! I am forever grateful!!!!
    My name is PFC Stephen Tschiderer, and I am currently deployed to Bagdhad,
    Iraq. Yesterday July 2 2005, I was on patrol and while proving security
    around my Humvee, I was sh...

  13. GTL:
    Thank you.

    I'd love to take credit. But phin's the man.

    I can't believe someone discovered Harvey via this little blog. You've definitely been missing out. Do spend the time checking out the archives.

    Weren't you in a couple of movies with Alex Winter?

  14. Nothing So Un-American

    There is nothing so un-American as so-called "American cheese." Like most Americans, it comes in individualistically-wrapped slices, melts easily, and is reputed to contain some amount of milk. But if you look closely at the label, it's not really chee...


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