Friday, July 22, 2005

Headline News: 7/22/2005

From CNNmoney:
Halliburton posts 2Q profit
Oil prices down, blood prices up

From CNN:
U.S. military claims anger China
Pouts, call U.S. a "tattle-tale"

From CNN:
UK police: Latest bombers failed
Final proof that Al-Qaeda members are either so stupid they fail or so crazy they succeed

From ABC News:
Skateboarder Branded by Manhole Cover Sues
Con Edison to modify all manhole covers with words "I'm A Dumbass"

From ABC News:
Group Takes 550 Gerbils From Small House
Richard Gere's summer home raided

From AP/Excite:
Marketers May Stop Calling Dead People
Long distance calls to hell cited as too costly

From ABC News:
Polanski Wins Vanity Fair Libel Suit
Fugitive director anally raped a 13-year-old girl, but didn't flirt with a woman en route to Sharon Tate's funeral *

From ABC News:
Bears Wander Into Motels in New Mexico
Heard Tom Bodett say they left the light on for them

From ABC News:
Moose Removed From Colorado Army Post
Prostitution crackdown nets unusual perpetrator

From ABC News:
Zoo Names Penguin After Steelers Announcer
Director: We'd have named him after the hockey team's guy, but we forgot who he was, what with the strike and all *

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