Saturday, July 30, 2005

Headline News: 7/30/2005

From ABC News:
Ex-Citigroup banker Zankel dead in fall
Was listening to Eric Clapton CD when he fell

From ABC News:
Woman Claims Buttocks Burned on the Toilet
Coal-powered commode a failure

From ABC News:
Study Reveals Causes of Weight Gain Among School Children
Eating like pigs cited

From ABC News:
Abandoned Baby Found in Bag on NYC Street
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda's Next Generation Spurring New Wave of Attacks?
Osama Bin Picard, Abu Musab al-Riker sought by coalition forces

From ABC News:
Doctors say Bush in excellent shape, trimmer
Studies Show Many Americans Prefer a Trim Bush

From ABC News:
Robin, Not Crow, May Be West Nile Culprit
Bruce Wayne surprised, family of Eric Draven relieved

From ABC News:
Inouye: GOP Not Doing Enough for Troops
Calls on Republicans to follow Democrats' lead and cut funding to troops, oppose the War on Terror, call troops 'Nazis'

From ABC News:
Carter: Guantanamo Detentions Disgraceful
Democratic foreign policy expert breaks silence, calls on country to wear sweaters to fight the threat of killer rabbits

From ABC News:
Are Golf, Shopping Behind Daylight-Saving Time?
Or is it just Satan?

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