Monday, July 18, 2005

Headline News: 7/18/2005

Basil has been abducted!
By his wife!
And he made the mistake of asking / letting me be a blog-guest ... which is like a house guest, but we don't compete for shower time.
I'll try and be gentle, this being our first time and all ...

* Hurricane : Emily slamming the Yucatan
... Yucatan says "harder, faster"

From News24:
* Israel : Hamas says "Aggression will be returned"
... 'cuz we don't want it any more

From "The Advertiser" :
* Internet / Louisiana : Lafayette says yes to FTTH city-wide!
... I am jealous, and it hurt me to say "Internet" and "Louisiana" together

From Washington Post :
* SCOTUS : Bush to pick nominee "soon"
... I just want to let him know that I am ready, willing and available

From TIME:

* Iraq : Wave of suicide bombers "waging war against Shias"
... deadlier than water        (... and condolences for the ~150 killed during the weekend)

* Internet : Staying English
... because, you know, that's the world's language

From the Internet :
* SCOTUS / Eminent Domain : Lost Liberty Hotel
... needs your help to evict SCOTUS' Souter

* Florida / Teacher+Pupil sex : Teacher pleads insanity
.. over and over and over

From GINDY :
* Venezuela : Chavez is a Socialist
... in other news, the sky is blue

From ZDNet :
* HP : Shedding ~15k jobs
... because the (cough) best way to save $ is to fire your IT & sales people

From Slashdot:
* China : Working on self-sustaining cities
... no word on making a self-sustaining nation

From Media Week :
* TV : Women control the DVR?
Can now watch Oprah ALL DAY LONG

From NIF (yes, it's a gratuitous self-plug - deal with it!) :
What did you do to celebrate this guy's 60th Birthday last Saturday? :


  1. Where's supper? I'm getting hungry.

  2. Good question ... I can throw something in the microwave ... ? /TJ

    (We didn't really schedule this, ya' know)

  3. I Thought They'd Never Leave

    This is a traditional parting blessing in our household. Regardless of how good a time we had or much we love the guests. For best effect, you need to say it the second the front door is closes. We don't

  4. ... ok, Supper-lite is up now. /TJ

  5. TJ:
    "Throw something in the microwave"???

    Nuke it??

  6. ... no, he said he wanted supper. And since it was going to be relatively quick I figured it would be Dinner-a-la-microwave.


  7. Oh. Okay. I guess it'a a regional thing to call throwing something in the microwave "nuking it." That, along with the picture of the A-bomb, you see ...

    Oh, well. Too early to attempt humor.


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