Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Showcase #23

Back in February, the Showcase made its return. And now, we're proud to host the 23rd edition of the second incarnation of The Showcase.

And, we've received some blogs of interest this week. Three of them, it turns out, were already on my BlogRoll. But the others have now been added. We have a good group of new blogs this week. Let me tell you about then.

The Submissions

The first submission was AAFFLLAACCKK, a blog that's the brainchild of firstbrokenangel. The post submitted was  KNEW I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT THIS - GITMO. firstbrokenangel is a blog-child of Harvey (Bad Example), who's listed as an author on the site, but hasn't posted. It can be called a right-wing blog, as you might expect, but not all posts are political, but more current events. And you'll find the occasional slice-of-life post from her. But no pictures; the few in the sidebar are hot-linking Harvey. Comments and TrackBacks by HaloScan.

Next came Diary of a Fat Boy, which is, technically four months old, and about 100 lbs overweight. It's his struggle to get his weight under control, and to not take month-long blogging hiatuses. His submission for the Showcase was  Pokerati Pimped My Blog! which, I hope, isn't part of the exercise program. Chuck is from Texas, and it shows. He's overweight and likes poker, wrestling, and semi-naked chicks. A red-blooded American male. But he doesn't accept TrackBacks.

bRight & Early submitted a post on John Roberts. Blogger Jim Lynch's two-month-old political blog is another right-wing entry. A clean-looking, easy to read blog with the "bright & early" theme. Jim's one of the bloggers participating in Blogathon 2005. Was on my BlogRoll already.

The fourth submission, CHOWZ WORLD, offered a review of "Over There." Another right-wing entry, it's a clean site, Blogger-hosted and accepts comments and TrackBacks (via HaloScan), but no pictures. Chow is based in St. Louis and comments on events, with no personal posts so far. Commentary is supported by links. Again, was on my BlogRoll already.

The Gunn Nutt was the next submission. Blogger-based, GunnNutt submitted a post based on an e-mail from a Marine who asked him about himself. He didn't say a lot about himself, but more about other military blogs (MilBlogs) he reads. GunnNutt says "I have met (in the virtual sense) so many incredible people thru blogs over the last year or so and the ones that impress me the most are, or were, in the military." GunnNutt uses the occasional picture to supplement the posts, and does it well. No word on if military service is in GunnNutt's background. Front page comments and TrackBacks are by HaloScan, but individual pages use Blogger default commenting, and no TrackBacks.

Submission number six was the Kira Zalan Blog. That's a blog by Kira Zalan, a freelance journalist in Washington, DC. But you knew that, didn't you? The submission concerned the Kelo ruling and David Souter. Another right-wing political blog, it's clean, and easy-to-read. I really like the look and layout. WordPress-driven, it, of course, accepts comments and TrackBacks.

Dawson of The Dawson Zone is another political blog, but this time, we have a left-wing entry. Dawson submitted Physical Fitness Of Todays Youth, a rant about young people, video games, and physical fitness, and offers much-needed advice for parents. Oh, and Dawson likes baseball, too. Another Blogger-based entry, the Dawson Zone is clean and easy to read. In a different approach, he doesn't accept comments, but does accept TrackBacks.

UPDATE: The Dawson Zone appears to be gone! Vanished! It's passed on! This blog is no more! It has ceased to be! It's expired and gone to meet its maker! It's a stiff! Bereft of life, it rests in peace! Its metabolic processes are now history! It's off the twig! It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off this mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile!! IT IS AN EX-BLOG!!

Was it something I said?

The eighth entry was Right Wing Nation, submitted by rightwingprof. You guessed it, it's a right-wing political blog. His entry, Note to the Appeaseniks, is both a chastisement of opponents of the war and a call for inclusion in the Republican party. Red, white, and blue in appearance, the blog by it's very appearance tells you about it's political leanings. Right Wing Nation accepts comments and TrackBacks.

The final submission was Soldiers' Angel - Holly Aho, a human interest blog that focuses on support of out soldiers. The post submitted was Visiting at the VA Hospital Again. A clean, easy to read blog, it displays slightly better in Internet Explorer than Firefox, but resolves well in both. Politically, it leans right. Holly accepts comments and TrackBacks. It's been on my BlogRoll almost since it launched.


Those are the nine submissions this week for The Showcase. Like I said earlier, I already had three of them on my BlogRoll. But I have happily added the others. Give then all a look. They're worth a read.

Hey, how about you? Do you have a new (three months old or less) blog? Let the world know about it via The Showcase. Use the handy-dandy form from Conservative Cat.

And, if you'd like to host The Showcase, let them know here. You don't want me to do it again, do you? Yeah, I thought not.


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  3. re: The Gunn Nutt

    Basil, thanks for your kind words and for pointing out the Haloscan problem. You did a great job with the Showcase this week. At least that's what I'm telling people, and haven't yet been contradicted.

  4. I appreciate the kind words. Thanks.

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