Saturday, July 23, 2005

Headline News: 7/23/2005

From ABC News:
Hawaiian Caterpillar Has Unique Taste
Tastes more like pork than chicken

From ABC News:
Peasants pay with blood to save Mexico forest
Activists plan 'No Blood For Wood' protest

From ABC News:
62 Killed by Multiple Bomb Blasts in Egypt
Blair and Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Kerry Seeks Release of Roberts' Documents
Wants to know if judge served in Cambodia

From ABC News:
Inmate Sues Over Fingertip in Frozen Food
Wanted a thumb

From ABC News:
Man Knocked Unconscious While Eluding Rock
Hip-hop got him

From ABC News:
Moose Carcass Stench Keeps Woman Indoors
Tips for the cuckolded husband

From ABC News:
Friends Mount Billboard for Bachelor
Horny friends no help at all

From ABC News:
Wildfire Threatens Tiny Town in Utah
Midgets prepared to evacuate

From ABC News:
Future of Confederate White House Unknown
Time travelers refuse to disclose information

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