Saturday, July 16, 2005

In Good Hands

Well, this a big week coming up. You see, Tuesday is my wife and my anniversary. And, while we're not planning anything special, we are taking a break from, well, everything. Work. Blog. Everything.

And a few folks have been quite kind enough to help fill in Monday and Tuesday. Some of those that have helped cover for my sorry butt in the past have things going on, trips and such, so I didn't bother them. But I did bother some I've bothered before. Plus a couple of others who I also visit every day.

BethBeth of MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy has consented to keep the right-wing flame burning bright. She's a daily visit for me, and should be for you. But you don't need me to tell you that.

TJSame thing with TJ from NIF (News, Interesting, Funny). He's a daily stop for me, and should be for you. He does what I wish I could do when I do my meal-time posts. He's the master of finding good stuff.

moehawk of oystersnout might drop by. He's been busy with some stuff on his end, so I'm not certain if other commitments will allow, but if so, it'll be a treat.

And, of course, phin of phin's blog will be by. In fact, phin has offered to let us take off early. The timing was great, as my sister had something come up and caused her to miss a concert in Atlanta tonight. So, we got the tickets. And since I had enough ChoiceHotel Rewards points to get a free room in Atlanta, it all worked out. So we're taking off early.

So, phin has the keys to the place, and will be handling things this weekend. The others are, of course, welcome to show up, if their schedule allows.

I'm looking forward to this long weekend, and reading the blog when I get back. The ones who have agreed to post are great folks, and worth your time every day. The quality of this little blog is going to go way, way up over the next four days. I'll be back Wednesday. Until then, enjoy!


  1. Nuclear Age

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... Limited Blogation Weekend!

    (and thanks for the knid words, Basil!)

  2. Enjoy your break. Congratulations to you & Mrs. Basil

  3. Thanks! We're packing right now!

  4. Happy Anniversery to you and the Mrs, Basil!


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