Friday, July 15, 2005

Lunch: 7/15/2005

Try one of these specials with your lunch:


  1. An American in London No More

    There is never much poetry in death. Often, though, there is sad irony. Minh Matsushita, as reported by The Washington Post today, was “a man forever in motion, an adventure always in progress. His passport was a pocket-size accordion of pages ...

  2. PSP Caption Contest

    A little spare time, a dash of Paint Shop Pro, a warped mind; they all come together for a caption contest. Have at it.
    Eat at Basil’s


  3. Lady Spy Plame and the Frog

    Will the all-knowing, all-caring Lady Spy Plame find the mysterious secret hidden in the mists of the foggy swamp? Will she kiss the Fog Frog and turn him into the marvelous prince that he is?

  4. Intransigent Chief

    If I had my way, vacancies would come one at a time, one after the other. The problem with multiple vacancies is that everyone wants to start wheeling and dealing, which just hurts the court and the system.

  5. The McNugget of The Inept Navy

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... SWEET, it's Friday!

  6. Body Armor Works UPDATE

    While Tschiderer was relaying information to the truck commander of his M114 Humvee, an enemy sniper team prepared to engage him from inside of a cushioned silver van being used as a mobile sniper's nest. This nest was lined with numerous bed mattres...


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