Friday, July 22, 2005

Supper: 7/22/2006 - Trackback Fest / Open Post

Uh-oh. A very light supper tonight. How light? The kitchen's closed. But the dining room's open.

Here's what's up. It's been a busy day at home and work (long story, don't ask). And tonight, I'm going to the baseball game. I bet you've missed reading about the Catfish, haven't you. Well, we took off for four days. And after we got back, rainouts have wiped out part of the season. But the Catfish have a double-header scheduled tonight. And the wife and I are going. In fact, we should be there as you read this. And still there when Headline News magically appears in about an hour.

But for supper, here's what I'd like you to do: Bring your own supper tonight.

Basically it's covered-dish special. Which means that if you have a post that you'd like to share, please leave a TrackBack to that post. Oh, and be sure to link to this post so that others can enjoy the fun. If you don't link to this post, I'll delete your TrackBack. No, that's not being mean. That's how TrackBacks are supposed to work. Maybe I'll write about that one day. But not today. Oh, and if you need help with TrackBacks, Harvey of Bad Example has an excellent primer here.

Oh, if you don't have anything of yours you want to link to, but you want to talk about something, do it in the comments. Yes, it's an open post. Have fun!


  1. Introducing… Hillary for President!

    As shown on Brit Hume’s Special Report last night on FNC, we bring you the one, the only…
    Hillary Clinton!
    As you’ve never seen her before!
    Linked with kindness at the Open Link Supperfest at basil’s blog

  2. Iraqis on the Front Lines

    The courageous now free citizens of Iraq share common cause with the Coalition for the time preserving their emergent Democracy. And they now share the risk of standing prominently against the terrorists, which of course makes them a target.

  3. Hamas in Gaza

    Barbara Lerner, writing in National Review Online, posts an urgent warning on the implications of an Israeli pullout from Gaza.

  4. Pig Fat

  5. Thank You(s) and Charity Announcement

    Before I announce the charity I’ve picked for Blogathon 2005 let me say thank you to several bloggers who have already helped out in this effort. Janie Werner (who didn’t list a blog) and Chad Evans of In The Bullpen both have made some ve...

  6. Stephen Pearcy: Still at it

    Here's a great post by a neighbor of the Pearcy's Sacramento property (who lives down the street) and doesn't share his views. Please drop in and leave some comments over there.

    He says

    Jcrue has a perverted fascination with me and my wife. He ...

  7. I Like The Way Sen. Harry Reid Picks Up Excrement

    With a phlegmatic countenance.

  8. CEO-In-Training

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... Friday edition

  9. So your wife finally lets you come back to the real (Internet) world ... and you up and disappear, wandering off to some sporting event. Really - Internet vs sports; the choice should be obvious ...



    How about it, y'all?

    Link to this post and send a trackback; your trackback link will show up in this post below (and will add a link to your ecosystem statistics).

    If your blogging software doesn't send trackbacks, use Wizbang's Standalone Tra...

  11. So, you're saying I should have stayed home and listened to the streaming broadcast on the Internet? Well, maybe so. I wouldn't have gotten rained on.

  12. 'Current' Launched by Al Snore

    Will this be the cure for the thousands of Americans suffering from insomnia?

  13. What is More Gay?

    So we all know that Rosie O’Fat Lesbian is gay, everything on the gay list is gay, gay pride parades are gay, and Honda Del Sols are gay, but which one of these is more gay.

  14. Calling The ACLU

    I called the my local ACLU office and the National ACLU Office today to request a copy of their official policy guide.

  15. The TSA broke the law? Say it ain’t so…

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), that darling of the Bush administration that created something on the order of another 30,000-40,000 federal jobs without providing any meaningful new security, has been founded to have egregiously vio...

  16. It is might hot out

    Weekend, limited-edition of NIF

  17. Walter Williams Comments On The NAACP Reperations

    It seems that the left has devised a new tactic in fattening its coffers. The Washington Times (archived story here if no longer available on Wash. Times website) has an excellent op-ed piece by Walter Williams regarding the NAACP's insistence that c...


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