Monday, October 3, 2005

Blogging On AOL?

BlogTipsBasilLast week, over at the Alliance, I asked for questions. Some responded. Here's one I thought was of interest:

I use aol as my ftp...
Is there any blogging tool with which I can use to compose my posts?
I write everything by html, cut and paste, preview, fiddle, publish, delete, start over, fix the dang link, restart computer...

Well, the answer is actually simple.

Keyword: Blog

Yep. American Online has blogs. They call them "Journals" and it's really simple to set up. Check this out. See how easy that was?

But, like many simple interfaces, it gets its simplicity by not having all the features. But it does have some good features.

As you can see from my AOL blog, it supports some very useful features:

  • Comments

  • Blogrolls (although not script)

  • Built-in hit counter

  • Atom
    SS feeds

  • Archives

  • Posting via IM

About the same features as Blogger, except the built-in counter it has that Blogger doesn't. The advantage of Blogger is, besides being free (which means if you change ISPs you don't lose your blog), is that you can modify your HTML code to add features you need, such as TrackBacks (via HaloScan) and script.

But, to answer the question, if you use AOL, how can you set up a blog?

Keyword: Blog

The Alliance has phin and You Humble Host listed as Blog Tips Gurus. Well, I don't know about all that, but if you want to leave a question for phin or Your Humble Host, you are welcome to. Head over to the Alliance and check out the tips. Not just mine. But any of the tips there. Feel free to drop a question there. And we'll get an answer for you.

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