Thursday, October 6, 2005

Breakfast: 10/6/2005

Try one of these specials with your breakfast:


  1. First Amendment and Original Intent

    I have found this article here that clearly states that :

    Early American history does not record a dilemma or conflict with the expression of religion within education and government. The House of Burgesses in Williamsburg was disbanded by Governo...

  2. ACLU in California Resists Megans Law Reform

    It seems that the Golden State has outdone itself as the Kook Capital of the United States: child molesters and rapists are a protected class of citizenry there.


  3. Canada's National Post provides more info on...

    Nidra Poller, who wrote the article in Commentary magazine last month exposing France 2's lies about an Arab youngster supposedly being killed by Israeli troops during 2000, writes another article in the National Post that provides more info

  4. Eminent Domain in Alabama and Why it's Important to You

    First of all, if you're reading this you're probably not from Alabama. The information is still valuable in an issue that has been brewing for quite some time over the government's misuse of eminent domain...

  5. Abortion-Breast Cancer Link Not a Myth

    Planned Parenthood is following the tobacco industry's playbook by using flawed research on the abortion-cancer link.

  6. The Bloviating Bow-tie and His Cheerleaders

    I just love how everyones drooling over George Wills little screed from yesterday. How amusing.

    Ive got a few questions, though. Are you now also channeling Pat Buchanan? What the hell is the difference, besides the bow-tie and...

  7. A New Judge

    Hey did you guys hear the President nominated a new Supreme Court Justice? does anyone happen to know who...

  8. Petulant Right

    The right's problem is with him, not her

    Harriet Miers is the whipping boy for Bush's mistakes

  9. No Surprise here

    Michelle Wie announced today that she is turning pro. 15 years old and making 10 million a year. My father might have asked "Could you loan me 20,000 till my brother straightens out? He is short stooped over kind of guy."


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