Thursday, October 6, 2005

Picnic Lunch: 10/6/2005

Reason Number One why you shouldn't upload a post in a hurry:


It was like that most of the morning.

In order to not make that mistake again, and because I'm in a hurry, I'm asking you to furnish the links for lunch.

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  1. President Bush: We Will Not Tire

    President George W. Bush is to be commended. Amidst such distractions from the global war on terrorism as tragic natural disasters and the brewing Supreme Court nomination battle over Harriet Miers (with his own party and poilitical base, no less), ...

  2. Carnival of Comedy

    "Something familiar, Something peculiar, Something for everyone: A comedy tonight!"

  3. Kate Moss Faces Arrest

    Kate Moss is to be arrested and questioned about cocaine claims when she returns to Britain. The news sent shock waves throughout the entertainment history, as Moss is the first celebrity ever to have done drugs.

  4. PETA Goes Fishing

    PETA took a break from killing puppies to focus on a crime against animals that just boggles the mind. Something so horrible, so vile, the perpetrators should have their fingernails removed and their hands dipped in lemon juice. Their crime, swallowi...

  5. The Knucklehead of the Day award

    Goes to Australia's Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone.

  6. Bush finally said it!

    Bush has finally acknowledged that the war on terror is a war against Islamic terror (transcript hat tip: Atlas Shrugs)

    It is a brilliant speech. Although he still claims that Islam is an essentially peaceful religion that is only "hijacked" by a ...

  7. Sorry about the multiple trackbacks. Haloscan put up a "Server Error" page the first time I tried to track back, and somehow pinged you twice at the same time.

    Could you delete my repetitious trackbacks?

  8. A Letter to My Son

    Mrs. Dadmanly shared with me some questions our son has been asking, and they're the kind of questions a Mom or a Dad sometimes might have trouble with, but we know they are very, very important.

  9. Hey, such TrackBack things are common, especially with HaloScan and with TypePad. I got it cleaned up.

  10. Target Practice

    Newsweek eat your heart out.


  11. This is no liberal bias

    Dadmanly and BW revive Debate Space with an initial debate on liberal bias. Canadian BW says there isn't one, that the bias is towards the sensational, while Dadmanly says there sure is liberla bias!

  12. Courage in the Cause of Freedom

    Speaking to the National Endowment for Democracy this morning, President Bush gave what may be the finest speach on the global war on terror of his presidency. The transcript can be found on the White House web site here.
    Recently our country observe...


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