Sunday, October 2, 2005

Brunch: 10/2/2005

Try one of these specials with your weekend brunch:



  1. Sunday Specials

    1. Santa gets $5,000 for Dancer.

    2. Media boasts land top hooker in jail.

    3. Bar Made From Arctic Ice Opens in London

    4. Paul at Wizbang advises of jobs available in New Orleans here.

    5. Zaphriel has a valid point here. It?s a must read in ...

  2. Looter Speaks

    Sen. Mary "Looter" Landrieu, D-Looterland, gave a hysterical response to the Washington Post's very logicaland well-reasoned editorial on Wednesday, "Louisiana Looters."

  3. Sunday Open Trackbacks

    Fridays open post cycled off so I thought Id do another today.

    I have inline trackbacks now, so you can trackback and it will SHOW UP without opening the comments section! Itll be published right out in the open! Voila!
    GO F...

  4. Stem Cells Used to Heal Paraplegic. Why Isn't MSM on This?

    It's quite simple really. The MSM has a liberal leftist agenda and one of the keys in that agenda is abortion...

  5. Anti-Terrorism Device: Prototype 13B

    ?Feminine Allure?
    Prototype 13B
    From The Imperial Advanced Projects Agency
    By Special Commission Of The Evil Emperor Mindstation

  6. LTG Petraeus at Princeton

    TigerHawk reports a very important and illuminating speech given by Lieutenant General (LTG) David Petraeus at Princeton University, "A Soldier's Reflections on Iraq

  7. Someone should write President Bush a memo

    David Souter's nomination was one of President Bush Sr's biggest mistakes. It is said he passed over Edith Jones to pick Souter instead. History and the court would have been very different with Jones instead and the current President Bush would do w...

  8. Man arrested on Da Vinci Code set

    Robert Langdon was arrested after causing a scene on the set of the new Tom Hanks thriller The Da Vinci Code. Langdon was charged with trespassing and paid a fine before being handed over to representatives from the Priory of Sion. Calls to the Priory ...

  9. University of Oklahoma Bombing III

    So I was thinking to myself, "Hey...I live like 6 blocks from where this whole bombing thing happened. Why don't I go out there and look at it myself?"

    So I did.


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