Sunday, October 2, 2005

Headline News: 10/2/2005

From ABC News:
Colorado moose tests for chronic wasting disease
Just one of the jobs that Colorado's first moose medical student must perform

From ABC News:
Sexism May Shorten Men's Lives: Study
Report concludes marrying feminists is harmful to a man's health

From ABC News:
DeLay Lawyer Has Beaten DA Before
Baseball bat still has blood stains

From WBAL:
Man sentenced for dumping human waste
Paris Hilton awarded damages from ex-boyfriend

From WDIV:
Pedestrian says driver exposed himself
Became suspicious when he saw man shifting gears on an automatic transmission

From KSAT:
NFL waives blackout rule for Saints game
Rev. Jesse Jackson had called policy 'racist'

From CNN:
Denmark pays for killing Santa's Rudolf
Was targeting Dasher

From CNN:
Witchcraft training gets tax break
Tax collector tired of accepting payment in eye of newt

From Reuters:
US finds fever bacteria during war protest weekend
Authorities shocked that unwashed hippies may actually carry disease

From ABC News:
O.J. Simpson -- 10 Years After Acquittal
Still guilty

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