Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Covered Dish Supper: 10/4/2005

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  1. Baseball Playoff Predictions

    St. Louis Cardinals - 3
    SD Padres - 1
    Houston Astros - 3
    Atlana Braves - 2

    NY Yankees - 3
    LA Angels - 2
    Boston Red Sox - 3
    Chicago White Sox - 1

    Keith Olbermann - idiot

  2. Just one more sign

    From personal experience like I wrote here I find horse racing's decline unfortunate. I do think its inevitable, there are just too many other ways for people to gamble today.

  3. UFO Watcher Gives Up: Abduction "Just A Bad Dream"

    Johnson, who had long maintained that during a 1987 abduction alien overlords subjected him to 42 hours of extensive procedures and probings, admitted in a brief statement that his recollections were ?probably just a bad dream brought on by a hard ni...

  4. Donald Sutherland Rips Bush, Arrested

    Two days after telling the BBC that President Bush "will destroy our lives," actor Donald Sutherland was arrested by CTU agent Jack Bauer on the set of Sutherland's TV series.

  5. South Beach Conservative

    President George Bush took another big step towards a 2006 Vermont Democratic gubernatorial run when he announced Harriet Miers as his nominee for the final U.S. Supreme Court vacancy yesterday afternoon. This move has been met with indignation by many

  6. News-Views and Funny stuff

    Would you agree with this The GOP Could Lose in '06 Lets hope we don't and how about this ?
    Gloria Borger: Standing for something yeah she can stand and speak for herself I

  7. Open Trackbacks

    If you have something interesting that you would like to share with us, and our readers, please leave a trackback to that post, and link to this post so others can join in on the linkfest.
    If you dont understand what a trackback is go here for...

  8. More Thoughts On Harriet Miers

    I've been reading up on yesterday's nomination to the Supreme Court, getting a little bit more information on Harriet Miers. Some initial thoughts I wrote yesterday were a little off, since I hadn't had time yet to look into her career or her bio. Havin

  9. Coalition of the Chillin

    For those who are not ready to jump ship, and want to take a calm reasonable analysis before jumping the gun with so many other conservatives over Bushs pick of Miers for Supreme Court, why not click on the pic and join the

    Keep in mi...

  10. Update on Islamic Death Threats

    We received the following letter from South African missionary Peter Hammond summarizing the arrest and apprehension of a Muslim man who threatened to kill him. Remarkably, the lawyer representing the terrorist has threatened the arresting officer!Dear...

  11. Driving Miss Miers

    My first reaction to Harriet Miers was surprise. I would have thought that qualifications for Supreme Court Justice would include experience from behind the bench. Yet, the only true requirement for Supreme Court Justice is that you would rightly inter...

  12. Do You Really Think Halloween is Evil ? Think agai

    The correct answer is no it isn't

    after reading Angry republicianmom's post I got angry myself whew , what the heck is the matter with all the idiots in her part of town , what are they trying to do , slowly change the course of history and rel...

  13. Open Trackbacks

    Were joining the link love party!
    TODAY marks our inaugural entry for Open Trackbacks
    We figured everyone is have fun, so lets make the party bigger. And this is a great way to offer more stories for our readers and intro...

  14. I will be Debating Mayor Rocky Anderson 12 Oct!

    You?re invited to attend the seventh in the Freedom Forum series on October 12, from 7 to 8:30. The town meeting-style discussion in the Main Library auditorium will focus on the topic of criticizing the government: can one do so and still be a good,...

  15. Ode To Fast Foods

    I stumbled across one of those nutrition websites the other day. One of those that promotes good foods ... and completely trashes the foods I love to eat.

  16. Protect Life

    Ok, I know that this is an old post, but I wanted to share it because I think it is one of my best.

    "As a student at a catholic high school, morality is part of our curriculum. Recently, we had to research the subject of abortion. When I went on t...


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