Tuesday, October 4, 2005

Headline News: 10/4/2005

From ABC News:
Mayor of New Orleans Announces Layoffs
Nagin keeps his job

From ABC News:
Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight
Pentagon releases deck of 55 cards with various strains of virus

From ABC News:
Crude Oil Prices Slide Below $64/barrel
Now only $44/barrel higher than it should be

From ABC News:
Bush: Never discussed abortion with Mier
Claims child wasn't his

From WPLG:
Elian Gonzalez: Nothing good about Miami
Claims too many Cubans there

From CNN:
Delta to cancel underbooked flights
No longer "ready when you are"

From Christian Science Monitor:
Ordinary people nudge India, Pakistan toward peace
Donald Sutherland, Mary Tyler Moore get involved in talks

From International Herald Tribune:
Schröder is pressed on yielding his office
Pigpen, Peppermint Patty ready to step in

From Washington Post:
Surgeon: Indian Twins Could Be Separated
Adds: "It's the Siamese Twins that are hard to get apart"

From Reuters:
Ford replaces big employee discounts with rebates
Shell game replaced with 3-card Monty


  1. Bush Considers Military Role in Flu Fight

    President Bush, stirring debate on the worrisome possibility of a bird flu pandemic, suggested dispa

  2. Yesterday's Headlines

    From Reuters: US finds fever bacteria during war protest weekend Obvious Bush poisoning attempt against the true patriots. From the Chicago Tribune: New Orleans to lay off 3,000 Luckily most police already left Anti-smoking forces gain steam What happe...

  3. love the story on Schroeder.I never would've thought to use Peanuts characters as a reinterpretation of the story.I liked it a lot.

  4. Tuesday

    Platypus Society: No Time to Post Today Basil's Blog: Headline News Cox and Forkum: Pearls Before Swine The Steel Deal: What's Up with Viagra in CA [Hat Tip: It's a Pundit] Nose on Your Face: South Beach Conservative Scrappleface:...

  5. Lisa:
    You wouldn't have thought of Peanuts? Good grief!

  6. The deck of 55 flu virii is the best!

  7. Program on the emergence of civilization.

    "14 species of large animals capable of domesitcation in the history of mankind.
    13 from Europe, Asia and northern Africa.
    None from the sub-Saharan African continent. "
    And disfavor.

    They point out Africans' failed attempts to domesticate the elephant and zebra, the latter being an animal they illustrate that had utmost importance for it's applicability in transformation from a hunting/gathering to agrarian-based civilization.

    The roots of racism are not of this earth.

    Austrailia, aboriginals:::No domesticable animals.

    The North American continent had none. Now 99% of that population is gone.

    AIDS in Africa.

    Organizational Heirarchy
    Heirarchical order, from top to bottom:

    1. MUCK - perhaps have experienced multiple universal contractions (have seen multiple big bangs), creator of the artificial intelligence humans ignorantly refer to as "god"
    2. Perhaps some mid-level alien management
    3. Mafia (evil) aliens - runs day-to-day operations here and perhaps elsewhere (On planets where they approved evil.)

    Terrestrial management:

    4. Chinese/egyptians - this may be separated into the eastern and western worlds
    5. Romans - they answer to the egyptians
    6. Mafia - the real-world interface that constantly turns over generationally so as to reinforce the widely-held notion of mortality
    7. Jews, corporation, women, politician - Evidence exisits to suggest mafia management over all these groups.

    Survival of the favored.

    Movies foreshadowing catastrophy
    1985 James Bond View to a Kill 1989 San Francisco Loma Prieta earthquake.

    Many Muslims are being used like the Germans and Japanese of wwii::being used to hurt others and envoke condemnation upon their people.

    I wish I could find a source to educate many Muslim fundamentalists. Muhammad is alive. He is a man chosen like Jesus Christ and, due to his historical status, will live forever.

    They can affect the weather and Hurricane Katrina was accomplished for many reasons and involves many interests, as anything this historical is::
    1. Take heat off Sheenhan/Iraq, protecting profitable war machine/private war contracts
    2. Gentrification. New Orleans median home price of $84k is among the lowest in major American cities, certainly among desirable cities.


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