Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Headline News: 10/12/2005

From ABC News:
Arkansas Mother Gives Birth to 16th Child
Second child is the father

From ABC News:
Oprah Viewers Collect Reward for Tipping Off FBI
Oprah's arrest expected to solve hundreds of cases

From ABC News:
Access to Birth Control Under Threat?
Abstinence under attack from the left

From ABC News:
Cardinal Calls for Keeping Celibacy Rule
Believes it will help in series vs Astros

From ABC News:
Anthropologists Uncover Ancient Jawbone
Will send to West Virginia and pair with ancient ass Robert Byrd

From ABC News:
Spanish Flu of 1918: Could It Happen Again?
Time machine opponents look at worst-case scenario

From CNN:
Syrian leader: U.S. should rethink Iraq war
Bush agrees, will invade Syria next month

From KCCI:
Maytag workers laid off
Lonelier than ever now

From ZDNet:
Yahoo, Microsoft join IM hands
Public expected to be one getting screwed

From INQ7 Interactive:
UN paints grim picture of condition of women
Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton in sad state


  1. Yeowzer

    An Arkansas mother just gave birth to her SIXTEENTH CHILD. Why am I not surprised the husband and purported father's name is Jim Bob? Not that I'm pickin' on folks that go by two names, nope I'm pickin' on folks...

  2. quick Hits

    Jack white , The reporter who investigated Nixon has Died . More on FREEH'S BOOK .

    Jay isn't bewitched , and the political teen has a poll going.The Captain took part in the

  3. Wednesday

    IMAO: Helping the Terrorists to Celebrate Ramadan Basil's Blog: Headline News Cox and Forkum: Assad's Contribution The Owner's Manual: School House Dilemma The Therapist: I Do Not Take Drugs The Nose on Your Face: Bush Opens Up Michael Moore's...

  4. Kyrgyzstan vows to aid U.S. military

    BISHKEK, Kyrgyzstan Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice received firm assurances Tuesday tha


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