Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Supper: 10/12/2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:


  1. [sing-song] I got a link from baaaaa-sil! I got a link from baaaaa-sil! [/sing-song]

    {courtseys gracefully} Thank you, kind and noble basil of the brilliant blog! Your condescention in noticing me is... too much for words! I'm speechless! I swoon with the honor and abase myself in appreciation and thanksgiving! Really, I'm just speechless with awe that ....

    LOL, OK, I'll stop... Thanks, basil! You rawk!

    [toddles off for another glass of the fermented fruit of the vine...]

    Many hugzzz, friend,
    -- R'cat
    CatHouse Chat

  2. Okay, I'm properly chastised for not linking more often.

  3. An early morning laugh

    I almost gagged on my early morning coffee today on reading that sentence.

  4. Jefferson on Despotism

    Todays engine of despotism? The Islamofascist jihad. Much as they try, the UN and the Anointed Liberal Elite will not quench our nations will to win the Gobal Wr on Terrorism, and to spread freedom in the process.


  5. DeLays Defense? Go on Offense!

    I posted last Saturday on Congressman Tom DeLay and the fact that he and his legal team are fighting the charges brought against him by out-of-control, partisan, grand-jury-shopping, movie-wannabe, Texas prosecuter Ronnie Earle. They filed charges of ...

  6. My dear friend, you haven't had much TO link to this past summer - I was so busy with moving-and-all (still in the middle of selling) (the HOUSE, selling the HOUSE) I wasn't doing a lot.

    I just had to tease you, because I always LOVE to get links from my friends!

    LOL - you're awesome, basil, and you do a fantastic and excellent blog!

    Many hugzzz and a tipsy-toast [slshing of wine] to you!

    -- R'cat

  7. Good News From Iraq, See Page A13

    The Director of National Intelligence released what he said was a letter from al-Zawahiri to al-Zarqawi. Like most news organizations, the Washington Post glossed over it and relegated it to Page A-13 but it is encouraging because it shows the U.S. is ...

  8. And if You Believe This, We Have Millions of Spam Ads to Send You

    Every now and then we'll get a spam EMAIL offering us the opportunity to advertise using the greatest, most cost-effective marking tool ever-- spam! Of course, the power of spam is that there's no obligation to be truthful. Even so,...

  9. heart rumbles

    When the tsunami hit Asia, it caused us all to pause and take notice. Over 150,000 people lost their lives that day. However, it took place far away, and we went on with our lives. Then the hurricanes struck the...

  10. American Girl Partners with Radical Feminists

    The American Family Association reports that the popular brand American Girl (owned by Mattel) has partnered with Girls Inc., a blatantly pro-abortion group, through the sale of the "I Can" band.

  11. Harriet Miers, James Dobson and the Interview Process

    Jack & Charmaine with Dr. Dobson & Mrs. Dobson On his radio program this morning, Dr. James Dobson said that he feels confident about Miers' future performance on the Supreme Court and that she should be hired confirmed. His...

  12. Morning Quarters

    Terrorism Terror's media: war over the Web — Alexandra Marks, The Christian Science Monitor Prior to 9/11, only a handful of extremist websites existed. Now there are thousands of increasingly sophisticated sites offering everything from chat rooms to ...


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