Friday, October 7, 2005

Headline News: 10/7/2005

From WCVB:
Grandfather recalls wrestling coyote
Says Road Runner still owes him for that rescue

From WPLG:
Teen Burned, Beaten, Shot, 'Carved' With Knives
Officials relieved that it was merely gang-related and not a "hate crime"

From KOCO:
Student Leader: Hinrichs Not Muslim
Adds: "He's no more Muslim than John Walker Lindh"

From CNN:
Hurricane tab below original $200 billion estimates
Hope new hurricane hits so budget can be met

From CNN:
Google and Sun joining forces
Moon upset over being dumped by Sol

From CNN:
ISP spat hampers e-mail delivery
Spam still got through

From CNN:
Shark followed on 12,000-mile trip
Grateful Dead's pet shark still on tour

From CNN:
Jessica Biel named sexiest woman alive
Marilyn Monroe still sexiest woman dead

From CNN:
General strike cripples Belgium
Bush blamed

From Washington Post:
Sellers Happy to Be Back
"The Pink Panther Rides Again" will be first film in 25 years

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