Saturday, October 8, 2005

vw bug of One Happy Dog Speaks

Presenting the first of the Blog Interviews! Today, vw bug of One Happy Dog Speaks:


Our panel is assembled ...

... and we're ready for the questions.

What purchase do you most regret making?

I really can't think of any. I have made some stupid purchases, like books that I have ended up hating. But then I usually use those for trading or selling, so I didn't really regret getting it. I'll pass on this one.



Is being a SAHM the hardest job? Why? Why not?

Yes, being a Stay At Home Mom is the hardest job I have ever had. I was a "professional" working outside the house for 18 years with long weekends, late nights, mean customers, unreasonable deadlines, you name it. Then I had children. I learned that I could survive on 2 hours sleep for over 3 months while being responsible for 2 lives. I never realized what responsibility meant until everything I did would effect the life of another. My decisions were now truly life and death. My job now included upkeeping a household, keeping my marriage working, trying to be available for family and friends and keeping 2 small humans alive. No job has ever been harder. Psst. I didn't know this when I had my first child.



As a mom, how do you find/make time to blog?

I consider this a sanity release. I look for 20 minutes here, or there (usually at breakfast and lunch). Since this is something I really want to do, I make time for it.



If you were to have another (real) kid, what would his/her "blogname" be? (Like Tater's and Tot's)

Another child? Bah wah hahahahaha... **wiping tears from eyes** After laughing so hard, the only thing that came to mind was Hash Browns.



What's the capital of North Dakota?

When I first saw this question, I thought it had to be a trick question. But then I realized it was probably in here to throw off my thought process. Ohh... the answer? Bismark.



Describe the first dog you ever owned?

Poodle. Do I need to say more? Actually he was a cute, well behaved dog. Uhmmm... until he attacked my mom. He slept in my room and one night my mom came in to check on me. He had teeth showing and actually moved towards her. At that point we found a nice home for him.



How great is it to be hot, and smart?

Fantastic, sensational, marvelous



What is the meaning or significance behind the nom-de-plume "vw bug", other than the reference to the car?

Ohhhh. I had an abundant number of thoughts come up to answer this question. Only because I have had this 'handle' for over 6 years and it gives you time to come up with a ton of stupid answers or get a few. How about Virtual Woman? Or Voluptuous Woman? Or Voluptuous Wench? ahhh... what was the question?



If you could hang out with one band or musician for a weekend, who would it be?

Glen Miller and his band ... well if they were alive and young.



Do you think about more than you get?

Not really. Basically, I have always believed if I really want something I can make it happen.



Ok, ask her how she keeps from gobbling up those beautiful children of hers!!

How do you keep from gobbling up those beautiful children of yours?

Easy, I live with them. Through the sick times, the fussy times and the temper tantrums.



Paper or plastic?

As much as I love the feel of paper money, I use plastic most often. Easy to track what I'm spending it on.



When was the last time you were spanked?

Last night.



What makes your marriage work?

Not in any particular order: 1. I do not try to change him. 2. Compromise 3. Communication 4. Exceptional sex



With what you know now about their personalities, what do you think Tater and Tot will be when they grow up?

I see Tater might be an engineer or a construction worker. Tot might be someone that takes a design and makes it work in reality or a musician.



How high is up?

I would guess you are talking about the 3 Stooges Movie ( and the answer would be "as high as you can build it". Or for my kids, as high as you can reach (with or without help!). What? I'm not suppose to know about the 3 stooges???



What was the first computer you ever owned?

Trash 80 (ohhhh make that TRS 80)



If you had to live somewhere besides Florida, where would you live?

Tough choice. Either North Carolina or Colorado.



what is the worst part of living in Florida besides hurricanes?

No changes for the seasons. Even in North Florida the leaves change on the trees in fall. Not down here. Ugh.



Who's your favorite blog sister? ;-)

Hmmmm. Since I only have ONE blog sister... I would have to say Sissy! Actually I think she is great, even if she wasn't my blog sister.



Do you believe that God can make a rock so heavy that He cannot carry it?

No, then S/he wouldn't be 'God'.



How long ago did you read that book on chaos, and do you blame butterflies for the hurricanes this year like one of your commenters, or do you think it's the cow farts?

20 years ago. Since I didn't smell any really bad stench, I would make the hypothesis that it is the butterflies in China.



If you could relive one day in your life, what day would that be?

Wow. That is a very difficult question to answer. I have many good memories through out my life. My most recent was my mom coming to visit. Or the week before my Dad died and we were all up to see him, or the birth of each of my children, or my wedding night to my current Hubby, or the day we 'met', or any of the Christmas Eve's I had as a kid and this could go on for a while. I can't say which day I would like to relive... there are just too many to choose from!

That concludes the first installment of the Blog Interviews. Next weekend, we will have two interviews: Jay from Stop the ACLU! and Denise from Grandma's House will be sharing their answers.


  1. vw bug Speaks!

    I really did it. I answered all the questions sent to Basil. It was a blast. Go check out the questions and answers HERE....

  2. Me thinks that this is going to be good. Great interview peoples.

  3. Helps me out on how to answer my questions, but I got a lot harder questions than you.

  4. questions round

  5. Great stuff, great answers, great format it's superb.
    I'm looking forward to next week!

  6. Sunday Specials

    1. Basil has his first blogger interview up here.

    2. Think he was hungry?

    3. What will they come up with next?

  7. All:
    Thank you so much for the comments. This has turned out (so far) better than I had hoped. The only drawback is the huge number of responses. It's turning into work! But still, lots of fun.

  8. This Week's Carnivals, Symphonies, and Bonfires

    The blog interviews are underway at Basil's Blog. Dammit, when did he hit the shift key on them b's?

  9. Outstanding work Basil... I look forward to each and every one of them! (Especially mine!! Ask away people!)

    Keep up the good work Bas!


    Bloggranddaughter VW Bug of One Happy Dog Speaks now has her interview posted at Basil's Blog. Go read, if only to discover how she'd refer to a theoretical third child on her blog, i.e. Tater, Tot, and......

  11. Most excellent job, Oh Great Basil! That turned out very sweet! Now I know everything about my blog niece!


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