Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Supper: 10/11/2005

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  1. An era has ended

    The US formally handed over Rhein-Main Air Base yesterday. It was a hub for US military forces during the Cold War. That age is over, and these rollbacks are necessary.

  2. Coincidence or Enemy Action? - Update

    Instead of just adding to the previous post regarding the three explosive devices found on or near three college campuses, I will relate the information I have now here. There is still little or no information being reported in the national media. Whe...

  3. West Point Reunion

    Hubby's 20th West Point Reunion

  4. Blastnostricful

    Today's dose of NIF - News, Interesting & Funny ... It's a Kerry-180 Tuesday

  5. Why do Lefties Hate Walmart?

    My, how the liberals hate a successful business!

  6. Expression vs. Oppression: Free Speech vs. Class

    There has been some humorous kerfuffling around the blogosphere regarding the woman (I certainly won't describe her as a "lady") who was apparently kicked off an Southwest Airlines flight because she refused to cover up or remove a profane political ...

  7. Hidden Agenda: Women in Combat

    On Sunday funeral services were held for another American service member killed in combat in Iraq. Another female in uniform. According to the Air Force, Elizabeth Jacobsen was an airman first class who was killed by an IED (improvised...

  8. Iraqi Compromise

    Attention anti-Miers jihadists:

    The politicians in Baghdad did this thing called "compromise" which led to this AP headline: "Iraqis Reach Deal on the Constitution."

    This is huge because it means Iraq is that much closer to establishing a govern...

  9. Lefties still dominate academic law and journalism

    David Horowitz and Joseph Light present research (in PDF format) on how leftists are still dominating academic law and journalism, trying to train students of the professions solely to adhere to their ideologies.

  10. Cave Politics, Straws, and the Miers Appointment

    Ask any sociologist and he'll tell you social behavior is more advanced than purely selfish behavior in one's own interest. Cats disagree with this profoundly. In fact, I think it's the social nature of humanity that gets you into so...

  11. Wednesday Trackback Party

    Cheers to Wednesdaywhat some folks call hump day because once youve reached the afternoon, youre over the hump on the way to the weekend!
    Trackback with one of your posts that you think deserves some special atte...

  12. Same Shoe Different Foot

    Tennessee Rep. Stacy Campfield may seem an unlikely candidate for his state's black caucus. But the white Republican said he wants to join the group to serve a segment of his constituency better. But Campfield's membership to the caucus was rejected ...


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