Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Headline News: 10/11/2005

From ABC News:
Experimental Russian Spacecraft Missing
Martians blamed

From ABC News:
'7th Heaven' Longest-Running Family Drama
Being on the WB, it's also the least-watched

From ABC News:
Dallas Minister Seeks Prayers for Miers
God uncertain who she is

From ABC News:
Va. Governor Candidates Meet in TV Debate
Kaine favors projection models, Kilgore supports plasma

From WEWS:
Police: Twins responsible for robberies
Red Sox blamed for forgeries

From WJXT:
Katrina evacuee drowns
Authorities say he could have stayed in New Orleans and done that

World helpless against the assaults of nature
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Subject of Taped Beating Says He Was Sober
Davis: "After those first couple of whacks, I sobered right up"

From ABC News:
Yahoo Adds Blogs to Its News Section
Adds: "Fake news is fake news, regardless of the source"

From ABC News:
Teen Finds Razor Blade in Chicken Sandwich
Not injured, calls incident a close shave

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