Monday, October 3, 2005

Supper: 10/3/2005

Try one of these specials with your supper:


  1. Miers-Terror Link?

    ABC News finds a reason to oppose Miers. Linked at Basil's Blog.

  2. Pouting Thomases

    Shortly before 8 a.m., the world knew Harriet Miers would be the next justice. By 9, the conservative side of the blogosphere had imploded in a narcisstic fit of self-righteous indignation, the result of instapunditing instead of thinking.

  3. Knew this would happen sooner or later

    Disasters bring out slime like this one. How many good charities got hurt by this?

  4. Damn It, I Want Someone's Blood On My Hands

    Damn it, I want someone's blood on my hands. And I ain't ashamed to say so.

  5. Bushs Army

    Are you ticked off about Harriet Miers? Well, what do you think would really happen if there were a Supreme Court nomination Battle Royale for, e.g., a Janice Rogers Brown?


  6. Thanks for the happy birthday. I didn't even know you trackbacked to me. I just stumbled acrossed your post. I am suprised that you didn't leave a trackback on my site. Anyways, thank you and I will add you to my list of birthday well wishers!

  7. oh and don't forget that i am not the only one who is older. Michelle is older to. You should go say something to her at

    but thank you still!

  8. April:
    HaloScan won't accept multiple TrackBacks. That is, if I submit TrackBacks to more than one HaloScan-enabled site, it will take the first one, but no others from the same post for about 20-30 minutes. I have to resubmit them one at a time, 20-30 minutes apart. And, for this post, I didn't do that. So, I tried to send a TrackBack, but I didn't sit for hours resending until they were accepted.

    Anyway, happy birthday.


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