Sunday, October 9, 2005

Time With The Kids

Sometimes family life interferes with blogging, doesn't it.

But I don't mind.

Yesterday morning, after putting the finishing touches on the first Blog Interview, I prepared the links for the Brunch post, then went to my grandson's first football game. He plays on the 4-6 year old 49'rs. He's 5 (he'll be 6 next month) and this is his first year playing. And yesterday was his first game.

He's in the picture. He plays right tackle on offense (not enough players to two-platoon, so he also plays defensive line). As you look at the picture, he's two to the left of center.

He enjoyed the game, and enjoyed the pizza after the game.

After taking the wife to work, I went home and started working on the questions for next week's Blog Interviews. I sent Jay his, but didn't get Denise hers because of a phone call I got.

My son, a freshman at Mercer, wanted to come visit. So, I cleaned a path to the bed in what used to be the guest bedroom but is now the server room, changed the sheets on the bed, and awaited his arrival.

Since the wife had to work late and I had both vehicles, I met him near where she works and dropped the truck there, then he and I ate supper (pizza again) and spent time visiting last night. We were up late.

As I said, that kept me from getting Denise her questions on time, and kept me from preparing Headline News last night, and from a post this morning.

So, you get a recap of yesterday's family events, and notice that a Brunch of undetermined length will be coming your way shortly.

My son is still asleep, so I have time to prepare this (and maybe a Brunch post) before we spend the day. I don't know how long he's here, if he has class Monday or not, or what. But today will be taken with that.

I hope you enjoy your day as well.

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