Thursday, June 1, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-01

From ABC News:
Monaco's Prince Albert on Reports of Second Illegitimate Child: No Comment
No condom either

From ABC News:
1976 Time Capsule Eludes School Alumni
Doc Emmit Brown hasn't returned with it yet

From ABC News:
Fundraiser admits funneling money to Bush campaign
Nation shocked to discover fundraisers giving money to politicians

From ABC News:
NY Democrats back Clinton's reelection bid
Republicans expected to oppose

From ABC News:
Astronauts to Improvise on Next Spacewalk
To perform skit: World's Worst Dating Service Videos

From ABC News:
Batwoman Is Back As a Lesbian
Has always liked pussy

From WFTV:
'Weapon of mass destruction' found at sex shop
Was cleaning it when it went off

From ABC News:
Armless Man Stopped for Speeding
Tried to signal, but...

From New York Times:
Sun Says It Will Cut at Least 4,000 Jobs
Moon hiring

From ABC News:
Spelling Champs: Where Are They Now?
Getting beat up at work instead of at school

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