Sunday, June 4, 2006

Hair Care

Update at the bottom

If you believe the stereotypes, men and women shop differently. I believe it.

The other day, the Wife wanted to go shopping for groceries. Boy, was that ever fun.

You see, I don't go shopping for groceries. However, I will go buy groceries. There's a difference.

The Wife shops. I buy.

I know what I'm after. I find it. I pay for it. I leave.

Well, the Wife wanted to shop for groceries. And wanted me to go. Why, I don't know. I don't need her to go with me when I buy groceries. Because I want to get in and out.

Anyway, she wanted to go grocery shopping. So, I went.

And it was about like I expected. But one thing really stood out. That's how she bought her hair care products.

Now, I don't have a lot of hair. Well, it's not long hair. I'm not bald or going bald. Full head of hair. Just a lot of grey mixed in. But still, I've got my hair.

When I buy hair care products, it's pretty easy. I buy Nutregena shampoo. The wife hates it because it smells like dog shampoo. Still, it works, so I stay with it. Because it works, you know.

But, I watched the Wife buying her hair care stuff. And it struck me as odd.

I remembered seeing stuff like she had in the bathroom and pointed it out. She was unimpressed. Because it cost too much.

She was looking for stuff on sale.

For her hair.

Now, I just don't understand that. If she finds something she likes ... and it's for personal care and important ... and being personal care, I'd think it would be important ... then why not just buy it?

No, she's looking for something on sale.

This is the same woman that buys shampoo and conditioner and spends what seems like hours in the morning fixing her hair. So, if it's that important ... why is she looking for something cheap to buy?

Do all women do this? Or just the Wife? Help me understand this someone!

You see, she's wanting to go shopping for groceries again ... tonight.

UPDATE: The Wife responds...

First of all, the only reason I ask you to go shopping with me is so you can get the things you need and the things you like to eat. I make too many mistakes, remember? Can't make the right decisions, remember? You don't need me to go with you to buy your groceries? FINE!!! Why do I look for shampoo and other things on sale? Cause I'm cheap? Cause I don't care what I put on my hair? NO, it's because I'm trying to save a little money. Be thrifty. Waste not, want not. There are MANY shampoos that are good. Did you ask if all women bloggers buy the same shampoo every time? I think the answer would be, "no". Why just grab one and go? Why not get a good shampoo AND save a little money? What's wrong with that?

And NO, I haven't asked you to go shopping with me tonight.

As for your person who left the comment about her expensive "cover up". I don't cover up my gray or my age or whatever she trying to cover up. I cut my own hair and buy what's on sale to save money. Sorry if thrifty is not the thing to be. But then again that's me... not the thing to be.

You did want me to start reading the blog, didn't you?

There's another post I have a problem with but I don't have time to go into it now.

Have a good day!!

Any married guys want to hazard a guess as to which week this is? Yep.


  1. Oh no darling -- I don't pay what I do for cut and color to leave the care of my hair to whatever is on sale to clean and condition it!!!

  2. Because they all do the same thing. The only real difference is in how much they cost per ounce.

    Shampoos strip away the gunk. Conditioners cover up the damage done by the shampoo. That is the secret to hair care.

    That and the fact the only reliable way of getting rid of split ends is getting a trim.

  3. I absolutely agree Basil. One of the few good things which came out of my marriage was that I learned how to window shop. I do this every once in a great while, but otherwise when I need to get something from the store, I go in, find the object, pay for it, and get out.

  4. which week...hmmph.

    Ever think it is men that annoy us? Hormones are just the cherry on top sometimes

  5. I have one brand for Shampoo and Conditioner, one brand for Mousse and Hairspray and another brand for spray starch.

    I am loyal to those brands for those items. I refuse to buy anything different and will go crazy if any of them stop making that product.

    I stick with what works.

    Same can be said for deodorant, face cleaner, make-up, soap, etc.

    I am very brand loyal.

  6. Keep the hubby in such a state of terror he can't think of anything that would get him into trouble week?

  7. Hey man, she saves money. Not a bad quality in a wife. Some women are, in the words of one fella in The Full Monte, always out there, SPENDING!!!

    You have a keeper. Seems like a direct, not back-stabby, low maintenance type to me. ;-)

  8. I was going to comment, but then I read your wife's rebuttal, and well...I'm scared.

    I'm still commenting mind you. I was sort of surprised she didn't stick with the same product; I always thought a lot of women were insanely attached to their personal care products (hair, makeup, etc.) It's why insanely priced face creams can sell, cause women stand by their face cream.

    So your wife is being thrifty! And I have to agree with Honza - that's a great quality.

    Oh wife just...asldkfjaskldfldasdfasdf...phew. She walked behind the computer and looked over my shoulder...had to type some junk really fast to hide my comment.

    And a confession - my wife is the one that buys at the grocery store. I tend to shop. Granted it's mostly in the pastry section, but...

  9. I have the same problem with Mr Charm. I make him go with me to the grocery store--or else, conversations like this ensue:

    Mr C: You bought the wrong mustard. I like Guldens.
    Me. Okay. (Next time, buy Gulden's. Show him.)
    Mr C: I don't like the squeeze bottle. I like the other kind.

    I believe your wife is onto something.

  10. One point -- shampoo and conditioner in the grocery store are really more expensive than in a store like Target or Wal-Mart. Plus, you get a better selection of brands......

  11. I'm very particular about my hair, because I am a woman... and it should look better than Mr. Lilo's, which by the way is freaking PERFECT and soft and manageable and makes me so sick I want to shave it off in the middle of the night just so it'll stop looking so good.
    All that being said, I still "shop" for my haircare products. Because the most expensive is not always the best, and because I'm always willing to try something new in hopes that it costs less and works better than the other stuff. I buy my husband the cheapest stuff I can find. He's okay with that.
    Thrifty is good. You should be praising your wife for it. Although, just as a little suggesting- on the hair cutting. I always grow my hair out very long, thankfully it grows rather quick so every year or two it becomes long enough to have it cut and still donate it too Wigs for Kids (or Locks of Love). The thrifty part is that most places will provide the cut for free if you are donating the hair. See, then you are thrifty AND getting a "good mark" by doing something nice.

  12. There are always new products coming out and sometimes you want to try new things! Shampoos all do the same thing but my current favorite is Suave "citrus smoothie"--sounds like a drink, doesn't it? The ingredients list is too long to type in, but the number one ingredient is WATER! Oh well, it smells good and keeps my hair nice and shiny, so I'll keep using it until I decide to try something new.

    What week was it? Basil. Go sit in the corner. Did you ever think your wife just likes your company and likes spending time with you? Clueless men!

  13. Ask her this week if she likes my company. You got till ... well, actually last night.


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