Friday, June 2, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-02

From ABC News:
'Juan Valdez' Is Hanging Up His Poncho
Will share condo with Frito Bandito

From ABC News:
Idaho Woman Breaks Into Dog Pound
Described as 'a real bitch'

From ABC News:
US rejects North Korea invitation
Going to prom with Iran instead

From ABC News:
Raul Castro, Cuba's heir apparent, hits 75
All 75 tell him to stop

From ABC News:
Scientists Say Warming Threatening Fla.
It's called 'summer'

From CNN:
Glitch delays e-mail from AOL, others
Penis enlargements, low mortgage rate spam offers delayed

From WLKY:
Fugitive surrenders after 4-year-run
Forrest Gump arrested

From ABC News:
World Powers Strike Iran Accord
Also run into Iraq Civic, Jordan Galant, Lebanon Corvette

From Reuters:
Teacher lost friends to tsunami, now father to quake
God hates him

From Reuters:
We are not entirely human, germ gene experts argue
Michael Moore explained

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