Friday, June 16, 2006

A Bomb In A Bank? (UPDATED)

This is of local interest, but perhaps of greater interest beyond the local area.

We've received word that there's a bomb threat at a local bank. Word is that authorities have blocked off the area around a downtown branch of Columbus Bank & Trust, one of many banks in the downtown Columbus area.

Details are sketchy, but talk is that a package was found and that it is being or has been removed from the bank.

We'll pass along updates for those interested.

UPDATE: The streets, which were cordoned off, now appear clear. And people are going into and out of the bank. So, it seems to either have been a false alarm, or otherwise handled.

The whole thing seems to have been resolved in about an hour. The rumor mill ... which is in full force in a town like Columbus ... had it as a phone threat, as a package outside an office, as a package in a stairwell, and as a toolbox ... I have no idea what it is now.

UPDATE: The bank is back up and operating. Word on the street is that "the police" took away "an item" and "detonated it." No word on if it was anything serious ... someone's lunch ... or a box of wrenches ... or what. These days, it's better safe than sorry.

UPDATE: Now, it seems nothing was detonated. Rather, a robot opened the toolbox and found ... tools.


  1. I don't take chances with this sort of thing anymore -- so I will NOT write that your site is "da bomb."

    No, I won't do that.

  2. LOL! Thanks.

    Oh, and I hope your Internet access problems are fully resolved. That can really be a nightmare.


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