Monday, June 5, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-05

From ABC News:
Bill Lets Fla. Dogs Eat Out at Restaurants
Bill likes his dogs

From ABC News:
Military Code of Honor in Question
Fortunately for journalists, they don't have such a code

From ABC News:
Duck X-Ray Reveals 'Alien Head'
Duck Dodgers finally defeats Marvin the Martian

From ABC News:
Updike Probes the Mind of a Suicide Bomber
Nothing found

From ABC News:
Grateful Dead's Last Keyboardist Dies
No longer grateful

From CNN:
Judge outlaws prison group's Bible program
Says prison should rehabilitate ... not make them better people

From CNN:
Man gets life in prison for torching ex-wife
Was worth it

From New York Times:
Getting Used to War as Hell
All previous wars were friendly, fun

From BBC:
Pakistani attack suspect 'held'
Likes to cuddle

From ABC News:
Japanese Cow Leads Police on Wild Chase
Yoko Ono arrested


  1. Anniversary of a Death...

    Ronald Wilson Reagan...

  2. Monday...

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  3. No longer grateful! Ha, that hit my funny bone for whatever reason. lgp


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