Friday, June 16, 2006

Headline News 2006-06-16

From ABC News:
Migraines Associated With Altered Sex Drive
Wives really did have headaches

From ABC News:
Silicon Insider: A Predator World
Alien vows comeback

From ABC News:
Woman Challenges Anti-Pig Law and Wins
Ugly woman can now go out in public

From ABC News:
Suspected Bank Robber Flees in Cowboy Gear
Villiage People sought for questioning

From ABC News:
For More Teens, Jesus Is Way Cool
Being the Son of God seen as a good thing

From ABC News:
Hot air, wet pants spice up Mexico election race
Candidates ate the food, drank the water

From ABC News:
Selig Vows Human Growth Crackdown in Baseball
Just waiting on Bonds to retire first

From ABC News:
Iran considering nuclear package
Bush offers to have package air-dropped on Teheran

From ABC News:
Greenspan Says U.S. Needs to Get off Gas
Former Fed chairman now spokesman for Beano

From ABC News:
Football, Robot -Style
Roethlisberger: "I can be rebuilt. We have the technology."

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